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Hire a health and safety training professional

Employers must, under section 9 of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, provide OHS training to employees.

In 2014, WorkSafeNB introduced the Recognized Occupational Health and Safety Training Provider Program. WorkSafeNB, in collaboration with a committee representing trainers from the private sector, developed a recognized evaluation process.

Being recognized means the training provider:

  • has met criteria determined by WorkSafeNB related to the development and delivery of the training program material (this includes following adult learning principles), and
  • the content complies with New Brunswick’s occupational health and safety legal requirements.  

Whether you hire a WorkSafeNB Recognized OHS Trainer Provider or another provider, an employer must ensure that they hire the right OHS training provider for their need. 

For example, a Recognized OHS Training Provider could have a basic fall protection course that meets WorkSafeNB’s criteria. However, the provider may not have the competency to deliver a more advanced course on how to inspect shock-absorbing lanyards or calculate free-fall distance and clearance. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the provider hired has the knowledge and experience to train the employees for the specific tasks.

If you’re an employer and have concerns about a recognized training provider from our list, please contact WorkSafe Services’ Program Development and Evaluation department at 506 738-4184 or toll-free 1 800 222-9775. We will work with the provider to address your concerns and re-evaluate the status, if necessary.

View a list of recognized health and safety training providers.

Recognized OHS Training Provider

OHS Training Provider, Recognition Pending

All Lift Truck Training Scene Safety Company  
Labourers' Training Institute of New  Brunswick Safety First–SFC Ltd.
New Brunswick Construction Safety  Association HSE Integrated Ltd.  
Workplace Safety School of NB Inc. Kimber & Tucker Safety Coordinators Ltd.
Eastern Construction Safety   
Safety Services New Brunswick    
Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick   
New Brunswick Community College   
New Brunswick Forest Safety Association   

Leaf Engineering Corporation


Maritime Rescue and Medical


Back In Form Master Trainers


Health and safety training provider's waiver

WorkSafeNB has posted this list of service providers to give information on all known providers in the province. Those providers have supplied this information to WorkSafeNB.

WorkSafeNB is not a certifying agency and does not certify any of these providers.

Any workplace, individual or group contacting any person or firm on this list must be diligent and ensure that the person or firm on the list is able to provide the intended services to an acceptable standard.


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