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Worker was operating a self-loading log trailer. While unloading logs, the loader broke under the bearing mount, throwing the worker from his seat to the ground. He sustained five broken vertebrae and a deep head laceration.
Manufacturing / Heavy equipment operator2017-03-17
Worker's fingers from both hands became caught in a belt while performing maintenance on a motor, resulting in the tips of two fingers being amputated and other fractured fingers.
Manufacturing / Millwright2017-03-04
Worker suffered burns to his face when he opened the boiler door to remove ashes, causing a backdraft.
Forestry / Boiler operator2017-03-03
Worker was strapping a bundle of wood when a second bundle on a conveyor belt came from behind, jamming her between the two bundles and fracturing two of her ribs.
Manufacturing / Machine operator2017-02-28
Worker was struck in the face by a chain rigging from an overhead tower crane, breaking his jaw.
Construction / Labourer2017-02-20
Worker suffered a broken back when the dump truck he was driving struck bridge supports.
Construction / Owner2017-02-19
Worker burnt her fingers while cooking.
Health care and social services / Cook2017-02-19
Loss of consciousness
Worker was helping to load a piece of equipment on a float when he was struck on the head, knocking him unconscious and causing multiple soft-tissue injuries.
Transportation / Labourer2017-02-07
A worker was removing salt from the hopper of a truck-mounted salt spreader for maintenance when his clothing got caught in the moving shaft, amputating his left thumb.
Automotive / Labourer2017-02-02
Worker was loading logs onto a trailer using a self-loader when he fell onto the trailer's platform, fracturing ribs and causing a deep laceration to his head.
Forestry / Logger2017-02-01
Worker was working on the fourth floor of a building under construction when he fell approximately 12 metres to the ground below.
Construction / Foreman2017-01-30
Chemical exposure
A machine failure caused a release of sulphur dioxide, exposing workers. Seven required oxygen on site.
Manufacturing / Labourers2017-01-24
Worker's left arm became caught in salt spreader, dislocating his elbow and fracturing his arm in four places.
Construction / Labourer2017-01-12
Worker entered a building and fell about 2.7 metres through an opening, fracturing two ribs.
Construction / Drywaller2017-01-06
Worker was descending a portable ladder when it slipped, causing him to fall about 1.2 metres and breaking his leg.
Transportation and storage / Maintenance worker2017-01-06
Cuts and lacerations
Worker caught his hand on machinery, lacerating a tendon.
Farming / Supervisor2017-01-03
Worker sustained a hairline skull fracture and a cheekbone fracture when a limb fell from a tree he was cutting, striking him on the head.
Forestry / Saw operator2016-12-26
Near Miss
Magnesium calcium in a bin reacted with humidity, causing a fire. A loader near the bin caught on fire, trapping the operator inside. The operator was rescued with no injury.
Refining and smelting / Heavy equipment operator2016-12-26
Worker died four days after his leg was caught in a conveyor while cleaning it.
Manufacturing / Cleaner2016-12-22
Cuts and lacerations
Worker reached under a conveyor belt to clear a damaged belt piece when his hand was pulled into the conveyor's rollers, causing a deep laceration and soft-tissue injuries.
Manufacturing / Labourer2016-12-06
Near miss
An excavator struck a gas pipe.
Construction / Labourer2016-12-05
Cuts and lacerations
Worker's hand was pulled into the machine she was cleaning, causing a deep laceration and crushing injuries.
Fish processing / Cleaner2016-11-30
Loss of consciousness
Worker fell about six metres onto a concrete floor of a building under construction.
Construction / Drywaller2016-11-24
Worker was struck by a piece of machinery, fracturing his left arm.
Manufacturing / Labourer2016-11-21
Worker's arm was fractured after being hit by a chipper's cover.
Manufacturing / Labourer2016-11-21
Worker fell while climbing a ladder, fracturing his arm.
Manufacturing / Labourer2016-11-17
Cuts and lacerations
Worker cut two fingers while cleaning a roller on a machine that was still in operation.
Fish processing / Cleaner2016-11-14
Crushing injury
A metal truss set onto a workbench using an overhead crane system fell, crushing the worker's hand and injuring his leg.
Manufacturing / Welder2016-11-07
Worker was standing on a log deck trying to dislodge a log in the transfer conveyor using a peavey hook when a co-worker started the transfer conveyor. The worker was pushed from the deck by the moving hook, which had become wedged under the log, and fractured his leg and ankle.
Forestry / Labourer2016-11-04
Worker fractured his foot when he dropped a large piece of steel he was carrying.
Construction / Labourer2016-11-03
Worker fractured his leg when he was hit by a swinging tree limb being pulled by a skidder.
Forestry / Logger2016-11-01
Chemical exposure
While operating a zoom boom near an arena's refrigeration plant, the worker inadvertently struck and damaged a valve on an ammonia line, causing a leak and exposure.
Construction / Carpenter2016-10-07
Worker was climbing on equipment when it tipped, pinning him between the side of the trailer and a fixed guardrail and fracturing his leg.
Construction / Heavy equipment operator2016-10-05
Near miss
Worker was operating an excavator on a bridge when the excavator went through the bridge's deck, falling about 4.5 metres.
Construction / Heavy equipment operator2016-10-05
Worker was standing on the second level of staging when the staging collapsed, causing the worker to fall and fracture his leg.
Construction / Labourer2016-10-03
Worker was standing next to his truck when a tire exploded.
Transportation and storage / Driver2016-10-03
Asbestos exposure
Workers and building occupants were potentially exposed to asbestos when workers drilled through two walls containing asbestos.
Electrical / Electricians2016-10-00
Bruises and contusions
Worker was standing on a pallet raised by a forklift when he fell about 2.6 metres.
Retail and wholesale / Labourer2016-09-30
A truck was unloading gravel on a five-degree slope when it flipped on the driver's side. The worker fractured seven ribs and punctured a lung.
Transportation and storage / Driver2016-09-28
Crushing injury
Worker's leg was crushed when he became pinned between an electric pallet jack and a bollard.
Retail and wholesale / Labourer2016-09-22
A worker fractured two ribs when he fell more than 1.5 metres from the top of mobile rolling scaffold being pulled by a skid stear, when the skid stear suddenly jerked.
Forestry / Labourer2016-09-21
While accessing the back of a trailer, the worker slipped off a step ladder, fell more than a metre, and fractured his wrist.
Fish processing / Labourer2016-09-19
Worker's right hand became stuck in a conveyor belt, peeling the skin off the top of three fingers.
Food manfucturing / Labourer2016-09-16
Worker entered the store's back room when an unsecured piece of granite fell on his foot, fracturing it in two places
Retail and wholesale / Clerk2016-08-31
Worker was driving a forklift when it struck a piece of stationary equipment, amputating two fingers.
Food manufacturing / Heavy equipment operator2016-08-25
Loss of consciousness
Worker was retrieving a pallet from under a chain conveyor when the hood on her painter suit became entangled in the conveyor's drift shaft.
Manufacturing / Painter2016-08-25
After inspecting work on a roof, the worker was descending a ladder when the ladder slipped away from the building, resulting in a collapsed lung, broken ribs, dislocated fingers and a fractured skull.
Construction / Supervisor2016-08-13
Cuts and lacerations
Worker was changing the tire on a rim when the tire exploded, striking the worker's face.
Automotive / Mechanic2016-08-04
While doing road repairs, two workers were struck by a truck that was reversing. One fractured his tailbone; the other dislocated two vertebrae.
Transportation / Labourers2016-07-27
Worker was winding load straps on a trailer when a steel beam from the load fell on his arm.
Construction / Labourers2016-07-25
Two workers fell about 2.5 metres from a platform when the platform collapsed. One worker received cuts and lacerations; the other fractured his pelvis.
Construction / Drywall2016-07-21
Cuts and lacerations
Worker was changing knives on a chipper when he stepped on the foot pedal used to rotate the chipper's head, trapping his hand inside the chipper.
Forestry / Labourer2016-07-17
Worker was trying to replace a chain on a sprocket using a pry bar when it became stuck in the sprocket and struck him in the face, causing facial fractures and lacerations.
Forestry / Team leader2016-07-11
Cuts and lacerations
Worker was using a chop saw when she opened the cover to unclog the dust collector pipe without locking out the machine, cutting her finger on the spinning saw.
Manufacturing / Machine operator2016-07-11
Worker locked out a hot-water pump and closed one of its two outlet valves to change the pump's gasket, but was splashed with hot water from the second outlet valve when he removed the pump.
Manufacturing / Millwright2016-07-07
Worker was walking next to a large window standing on a tripod when the window fell onto the worker.
Construction / Owner2016-07-04
Worker pushed a ride-on lawn mower from behind after it became stuck. The machine took off, striking the rear of a truck and injuring his hand.
Construction / Driver2016-06-27
Loss of consciousness
Worker was doing repairs on a concrete pump truck when he fell backward from the top of its hopper.
Construction / Labourer2016-06-27
Burns and lacerations to arms and face
Workers were starting a barbecue smoker in the back of a food truck when a propane explosion occurred, blowing open the smoker's doors. One worker was struck by a door while the other received burns.
Food service / Labourers2016-06-24
Fractured rib
Worker was pulling a felt on a roller when he slipped and hit his ribs against a railing.
Pulp mill / Utility man2016-06-22
Fractured rib and head lacerations
Worker fell off a stair ladder while accessing a high shelving unit
Retail / Associate2016-06-22
First- and second-degree burns
Worker was opening a drain line when the plug in the line released, spraying his upper body with hot liquid.
Pulp mill / Operator2016-06-19
Fractured leg
Worker fell about two metres while climbing a ladder off the rear of a truck.
Construction / Truck driver2016-06-17
Fractured foot
While trying to hook a bush hog rotary mower on a truck, the bush hog slipped off the jack and fell on the worker's foot.
Agriculture / Labourer2016-06-14
Worker was in a service vehicle when an explosion occurred with flames engulfing the vehicle.
Agriculture / Labourer2016-06-11
Finger amputation
Worker was troubleshooting a machine when his finger became caught and amputated at the tip.
Pulp mill / Millwright2016-06-08
Asbestos exposure
Incomplete asbestos abatement and cleanup work may have caused asbestos exposure to multiple workers.
Construction / Labourers2016-06-03
Worker sustained burns to face, arms and chest when a gas oven exploded.
Food service / Chef2016-05-27
Leg fracture
Worker fell about 3.6 metres when he tried to climb on a 2 x 4 board.
Construction / Carpenter2016-05-19
Leg, pelvis and wrist fracture
Worker was working on a boat on land when he fell 3.2 metres to the ground
Construction / Labourer2016-05-19
Heel fracture
Worker was standing with another employee on a horizontal canopy braced temporarily when the canopy collapsed, sending both falling 2.7 metres to the ground.
Construction / Owner2016-05-19
The worker was waiting for a delivery of ice to be unloaded when the load spilled uncontrollably onto the wharf.
Transportation / Truck driver2016-05-14
Leg fracture
While rigging a steel beam, the worker's foot was fractured when the beam shifted.
Transportation / Labourer2016-05-11
When starting up a machine, two workers were sprayed with melted plastic that had escaped the system. They sustained first- and second-degree burns to their neck and chest area.
Manufacturing / Operations2016-05-08
Deep hand laceration
Worker was cutting metal with an industrial metal band saw. When the saw came off the track, the worker tried to correct it without first de-energizing the unit.
Mechanic / Labourer2016-05-05
Exposure to chlorine dioxide
Worker was exposed to chlorine gas while de-locking a pipe system.
Manufacturing / Operator2016-04-21
Near Miss
Hot metal came into contact with snow and water, causing a movement of air inside the building.
Hand injury
Worker was feeding film into the rollers of a bag forming machine when her hand was caught in the rollers.
Packaging / Machine operator2016-03-22
Rib fractures
Worker was reaching under a logging feed wheel to clear an object when the feed wheel, which was not in a locked-out state, fell on the worker.
Forestry / Labourer2016-03-21
Head laceration
Worker fell under a moving van and was dragged for about nine metres.
Construction / Electrician2016-03-18
Ankle fracture
Worker was strapping a tarp over a load on a trailer when the strap broke, causing him to fall to the ground.
Transportation / Trucker2016-03-17
Degloved fingers and burns to hand
Worker was feeding wrap into a machine when her hand was caught in the crimper, peeling the skin from two fingers and causing burns.
Food manufacturing / Packer2016-03-03
Shoulder fracture
Worker climbed on the trailer's back tire and stepped on a cable reel to remove a small log when he slipped, landing on his back on the ground.
Transportation / Trucker2016-03-02
Worker died after sustaining a head injury.
Forestry / Labourer2016-02-29
Loss of consciousness and head laceration
Worker was trying to re-arrange a bundle of 15-metre-square angle iron bars into a pile. While standing on the pile, the pry bar let go, causing the worker to fall backward and knock his head on to the cement floor.
Manufacturer / Metal cutter2016-02-22
Fractured wrist and dislocated elbow
Worker fell off a residential roof without fall protection. Worker fell nearly four metres to the ground.
Construction / Labourer2016-02-17
Fractured foot
A ¾-inch board slid off a six-wheeled cart onto the worker's foot.
Retail / Sales associate2016-02-16
Burns to neck and abdomen
Worker was using a steam hose to clear ice off his trailer's hatch when he lost his balance, causing the hose to become caught in his jacket.
Transportation / Truck driver2016-02-11
Exposure to biological agent
A bacterium was being manipulated in a medical laboratory. Two workers at high risk of exposure were treated with two antibiotics for this exposure.
Health care / Health-care workers2016-02-07
Fractured toes and foot crushing injury
Worker was in the back of a pickup truck as a spotter while a lift operator was trying to unload a 400 kg (900 pound) piece of equipment. The equipment toppled over when the chain slipped, causing the worker to fall to the ground. The equipment subsequently fell to the ground, crushing his foot.
Equipment supplier / Salesperson2016-02-01
Worker sprayed a cleaner on his jacket to remove paint. The flammable substance on his coat ignited when he later lit a cigarette.
Automotive / Tire installer2016-01-21
Smoke inhalation
While two employees were cutting a piece of metal with a grinder, a piece of hot metal entered the duct work through a ventilation fan, causing a fire inside the duct. A first responder team tested 39 people and sent three workers to hospital for smoke inhalation.
Forestry / Labourers2016-01-21
Fractured leg
A steel structure tipped over, falling on the worker's legs.
Construction / Welder2016-01-06
Fractured ribs and internal injuries
While inflating a repaired tire on the tire changer, an undetected break in the tire failed, causing a blast of high pressure air to strike the worker.
Automotive / Mechanic2016-01-05
Near miss
Worker was driving a scoop tram underground when he drove into an open hole.
Mining / Mobile equipment operator2016-01-04
Fractured leg
The worker used his foot to stop garbage from falling out of the backend of the waste collection truck when a piece of cardboard became stuck on his clothing. The cardboard was being pulled into the truck's hydraulic packer unit, which caused his leg to come into contact with the unit.
Waste collection / Labourer2015-12-29
Dislocated hip
Worker fell off an unstable one-metre step ladder, dislocating her hip.
Construction / Carpenter2015-12-21
Broken hand
Worker jammed his hand while trying to straighten a piece of lumber on a machine that was not in a zero-energy state.
Forestry / Stacker2015-12-21
Fractured arm
Worker's arm was fractured in multiple places after it was caught in a conveyor.
Food / Baker2015-11-30
Vision loss
Worker was removing a nail from a foundation floor when it dislodged, penetrating his left eye.
Construction / Carpenter2015-11-27
Fractured leg
Worker was injured when a large limb he was cutting from a tree fell on his leg.
Forestry / Logger2015-11-26
Arm fracture
Worker was laying bricks when he fell off a scaffold about 1.5 metres off the ground.
Construction / Brick layer2015-11-17
Fractured wrist
Worker was climbing a metal scaffold when his hand slipped off the wrung, causing him to fall about 2.4 metres.
Construction / Drywaller2015-11-16
Multiple rib fractures
Worker was working outside on a scaffold that had become slippery by a drifting snow gust when he slipped and fell about 1.8 metres.
Manufacturing / Labourer2015-11-16
Carbon monoxide exposure
Two workers were treated for carbon monoxide exposure, linked to the operation of a concrete saw.
Construction / Labourers2015-11-15
Worker died from injuries after he was crushed by a hydraulic conveyor.
Horticulture / Press operator2015-11-13
Finger amputation
Worker's finger was amputated when his hand got caught in an improperly guarded machine.
Refining and smelting / Labourer2015-11-13
Second-degree burns
Worker was emptying grease from a deep fryer when some sprayed on her leg, causing a second-degree burn from knee to foot.
Hospitality / Restaurant worker2015-11-11
Facial fractures
Worker was making a delivery to a business when he was struck in the face by a full bundle of shingles that fell from the roof.
Transportation / Delivery person2015-11-04
Wrist fracture / Bruises
Worker was on a ladder placed on top of two sets of scaffolds to board up a window. The structure collapsed, causing him to fall about 4.5 metres. The falling scaffold also struck another employee, causing bruises.
Information Technology / Administrative officer and maintenance worker2015-10-21
Fractured feet, vertebrae and arm
Worker fell about 6 metres from a two-storey building, landing on his feet. The worker was wearing a safety restraint, but it wasn't secured to the building.
Construction / Carpenter2015-10-16
Concussion and shoulder fracture
Worker fell more than 4 metres off a roof. The worker was wearing fall arrest protection, but was not secured.
Construction / Carpenter2015-10-15
Fractured leg
Worker was working on a wharf when he stepped on a rock, slipped and fell in the water.
Construction / Truck driver2015-10-07
Skull fracture, face lacerations
Worker fell about 1 metre to the floor from a step ladder.
Retail / Retailer2015-10-07
Leg fracture, Multiple rib fractures, deep laceration
Worker was cleaning up job site at a salt dome when three snowplow front-end frames, stored vertically on pallets, tipped over in a domino effect with the last falling on the worker.
Roofing / Roofer2015-10-03
Deep laceration
Worker lost control of thinning saw while attempting to cut a tree. The saw came in contact with the worker's arm and back.
Forestry / Thinner2015-09-30
Crushing injuries to chest and hip injuries
Worker was changing a tire on a haul truck at a quarry when the tire rolled, pinning him against the truck and finally resting on top of him.
Automotive / Labourer2015-09-25
Broken wrist, hip and ankle
Worker was working on a mobile rolling scaffold when he fell about 3.3 metres. The scaffold had no proper guardrails and the worker wasn't wearing fall arrest protection.
Construction / Labourer2015-09-24
Worker was crushed between his loader, which had two bundles of lumber on its fork, and a bundle of lumber on the ground.
Manufacturing / mobile equipment operator2015-09-23
Crushing injury
Worker was using a ramp to bring an elevating work platform inside a building when the machine tipped on its side, crushing the worker's foot.
Lumber industry / Lead hand2015-09-21
While being unhooked from a front-end loader, an attachment fell on the worker. The worker died four days later from his injuries.
Equipment contractor / Operator helper2015-09-20
Fractured vertebra with soft tissue injury to knee
Signaller was struck by a vehicle while she was controlling traffic in a road construction zone.
Construction / Road signaller2015-09-18
Worker was attempting to move an excavator off a trailer when it toppled over a four-metre embankment, crushing him.
Transportation / Excavator operator2015-09-12
Second-degree burns
Worker was converting city street lamps to LED when the crimping tool he was using came into contact with a live wire, causing an Arc flash and second-degree burns to his face.
Telecommunications / Certified linesman2015-09-03
Carbon monoxide exposure
Four staff members were taken to hospital complaining of dizziness and headaches after a cleaning machine, powered by propane, contaminated the air in the store.
Retail / Sales associates2015-09-02
Wrist fracture
Worker's arm was struck by a belt after it suddenly released from a drive shaft.
Wood manufacturing / Industrial mechanic2015-08-30
Fractured ankle
Worker was working on a roof when he slipped on synthetic membrane that had been installed and fell three metres to a stone patio below.
Roofing / Labourer2015-08-28
Fractured wrist, hand and finger
Worker was changing a belt on a conveyor when the retaining system released, causing the belt to hit the worker's hand.
Construction / Mechanic2015-08-25
Thumb amputation and hand lacerations
Worker reached in to clear a jam in a trim saw when the saw cut his hand. The trim saw was not locked out before the worker cleared the jam.
Wood manufacturing / Labourer2015-08-25
Second-degree burn
Worker's hand was burned while completing preventative maintenance on a boiler steam distribution system.
Health care / Boiler operator2015-08-21
Ankle and leg fracture
Employer was working from an unsecured ladder, measuring a wall for sheeting at his office. The ladder moved and he fell about 3.6 metres onto the ground, fracturing his fibula, tibula and ankle.
Construction / Owner2015-08-18
Wrist fracture
Worker was taking photographs of a municipal water supply site when he was struck in the back by the bucket of an excavator.
Municipal / Team leader2015-08-18
Chemical burns to face
Worker was mixing a chemical compound inside a glove box when it exploded, causing burns to his face and ear.
Education / Laboratory researcher2015-08-11
Face laceration, elbow and hip fracture
After installing metal flashing on a roof, the worker decided to take a break, unsecured the rope grab and walked toward the ladder, when he slipped on the dew-covered roof, falling about three metres.
Roofing / Labourer2015-08-11
No injuries / Near miss
The dump truck came into contact with a 69,000 kW overhead energized utility line during a pre-operative check at the employer's site.
Trucking / Dump truck operator2015-08-11
Crushing injury to arm
Worker was operating a rock/gravel sorter when his arm was caught in the motor system.
Gravel pit / Machine operator2015-08-10
Worker fell more than three metres from scaffolding onto a cement floor while doing repairs to a garage door. He died from his injuries four days later.
Automotive / Carpenter2015-08-07
Foot fracture
Worker's foot was crushed when a large piece of rock fell from an excavator bucket.
Construction / Labourer2015-08-06
Electric shock
Worker was disconnecting the ground on a machine when he made electrical contact with the cable, receiving an electrical shock with entry and exit wounds.
Energy / Power technician2015-08-06
No injury / Near miss
An underground natural gas line was severed by an excavator during a municipal utility upgrade of water and sewer.
Municipal / Excavator operator2015-08-05
Fractured arm and burns
The employee was troubleshooting a compressor interruption when an arc flash explosion occurred.
Power utility / Trades worker2015-07-20
Fractured ribs and soft-tissue injuries
While removing the safety pin from a ramp on an equipment float, the employee was struck and pinned when the ramp came down.
Transportation / Float driver 2015-07-14
A truck operator was killed when the truck he was driving fell about 10 metres into a gravel pit, causing fatal crushing injuries.
Gravel pit / Truck operator2015-07-10
Fractured leg
While assembling equipment, the employee fell from a height of 2.7 metres onto the ground.
Tourism / Industrial mechanic2015-07-01
Fractured pelvis and ribs
Employee was struck in the head by three large sheets of plywood, which fell sideways as he was walking past them in the plant.
Manufacturer / Welder2015-06-30
Fractured foot
A 160-kg piece of equipment slid down a wall, falling on the employee's foot.
Metal fabricator / Forklift operator2015-06-30
Arm laceration
Employee was cut on the right arm when a co-worker's thinning saw kicked back after it was turned on.
Silviculture / Brush saw operator2015-06-30
Exposure to carbon monoxide
Five employees were exposed to carbon monoxide while working around a blast furnace.
Mining / Four labourers and one supervisor2015-06-23
Severed leg tendons
The employee was standing near a co-worker operating a thinning saw when the saw struck him, cutting his leg.
Maintenance / Labourer2015-06-17
Fractured foot and ankle
The employee slipped off a plank of scaffolding at the job site and fell 2.65 metres.
Construction / Labourer2015-06-03
Crushing injury to legs, soft tissue injuries
The worker was struck by the bucket of a front-end loader as it was turning.
Construction / Labourer2015-05-27
Fractured elbow
The employee fell and fractured her elbow.
Software development industry / Customer service representative2015-05-26
Fractured shoulder
The employee fell through a floor opening that had been left unguarded when the hinged cover was not replaced, and was left hanging at shoulder level.
Wood products / Machine operator2015-05-25
Right thumb amputation and partial amputation to right index finger
While trying to dislodge pieces of lumber, the employee reached toward the chipper and was cut by the chipper's blades.
Sawmill / Labourer2015-05-20
Fractured ribs
The cab of a log loader was lifted to its highest level for maintenance. Because the machine's ladder was broken and waiting for repair, the operator had no safe access to the ground. When he tried to climb down, he fell, flipping backward and falling head first to the ground.
Logging / Labourer2015-05-11
Punctured lung and soft tissue injuries
Worker was climbing a fixed ladder on the roof of a commercial building to reach the next roof level when he fell about three metres.
Property management / Maintenance technician2015-05-06
Burns to lower half of body, fractured ankle
Employee was cutting pipe on top of a waste oil tank when an explosion occurred.
Automotive / Labourer2015-05-04
Dislocated shoulder and fractured pelvis
Worker was struck by a car while crossing the road to pick up garbage.
Waste collection / Labourer2015-05-01
Fractured wrist
The employee fell after standing on a bottom shelf to reach for stock.
Food service / Manager2015-04-28
Shoulder fracture
While dumping a load of eight-foot pulp wood from a 40-foot dump box, the truck tipped over on the driver's side.
Logging / Driver2015-04-27
Fractured right ankle
Employee was leaving the office where she worked wearing a backpack and carrying a bag when she stumbled on an outside step.
Health and Safety / Consultant2015-04-15
Foot fracture
Employee was walking behind a forklift at the same time the forklift operator began moving the unit in reverse. The forklift ran over the employee's foot.
Printing / Hopper feeder2015-04-15
Leg fracture, broken pelvis and injuries to face
Employee was in the bucket of a sign truck when a passing van struck and spun the bucket's articulated arm, ejecting the employee about three metres.
Sign business / Installer2015-03-27
Foot and ankle fractures
After removing snow from a roof, the employee was descending the ladder when it slipped out, causing him to fall about 4.5 metres.
Roofing / Labourer2015-03-25
Leg fracture
Two employees were sorting clothing when a bale of clothing, weighing about 300 kilograms, fell and struck one employee.
Retail / Labourer2015-03-24

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